Enrolments are subjects to this Regulation, that becomes legally and morally binding when the enrolment is completed, i.e.after:

  • Form of demand (published on duly completed and signed.
  • deposit payment of EUR 150.00, using PAYPAL or bank transfer to Innovation Ltd. Piazza Duomo n ° 3 97100 Ragusa at Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa Agency 5 Piazza Duomo n ° 27 Ragusa. BIC: POPRIT31005 international bank IBAN: IT54J0503617025CC0051080210- REASON: school ibla deposit for course …..
  • subsequent confirmation by fax or e-mail, by Ibla! * italian-language-school on the day of start of classes.

The courses STANDARD and STANDARD PLUS language and culture begin on Monday according to the dates published in the annual calendar in the site All classes are held from Monday to Friday, except on days when the school mentioned in the annual calendar. The student is required to read the calendar before enrolling in any type of course.

Courses INDIVIDUAL can start any day of the week by arrangement with the Director.

1. CLASSES. Language and culture courses start on Monday, according to dates published on the year calendar, available on the web site All classes are held from Monday to Friday, except for school closure days, that are indicated in the year calendar. The student is invited to take notice of the calendar before enrolling in any course. # On the first day, students must present themselves at the time indicated by Ibla!*Italian-language-school, and communicated at the enrolment stage, to take a written and oral test that will assess their level. There are six levels, as provided in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages published by the European Council. After the test, the school director will assign a level to each student. Such assignment is unquestionable. # The school programme is decided by the teacher of the class, together with the school director. All students must follow the programme, that will be tailored on the results of the entry test. # Each class lasts 50 minutes, and students can chose the course they wish to enrol in: standard (4 hours per day, in a group), Individual Lessons, moreover the student can decide to enrol only in individual courses or in culture courses. # It is possible to attend any kind of course even for one week only, The course fee includes: a) Monday entry test; b) course material; c) extra-curricula activities; d) certificate with indication of the levels and duration of the course attended by the student; e) final examination: by request of the student; f) access to the school library. # The course fee DOES NOT INLUDE the Ibla!*italian-languageschool CARD, costing 30,00 €, valid for one year, and giving right to: a) cable and wireless internet connection, according to availability b) advantages offered by some Ibla!*italian-language-school suppliers c) call-centre assistance, for information and needs related to the student’s stay. # It is compulsory for the student wishing to attend any kind of course to buy such a card. # A single course can be attended by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 students. If the group is made of only one student, the hours per week will be reduced from 20 to 10, and the class will be an individual one. If the group is made of two students (STANDARD PLUS), the hours will be reduced from 20 to 15. In COURSES STANDARD the price will be the same, in individual course the price is more a little more. No refund is available . # Group lessons take place both in the morning (from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm), and in the afternoon (from 2.00 pm to 7.30 pm). The timetable may be communicated to the student also on the entry test day. Modifications due to organization and logistics needs may be communicated until one day before the variation. # Individual classes are generally held before or after group classes. # A culture course can be attended by a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 students. # The minimum age for students admitted to the course is 18 if they are not accompanied by an adult, and 15 if they are accompanied. # In case of complaint, a form is made available for students to note the reasons of their claim. It will also be possible to talk directly to the school director or the
administrative director.
2. SCHOOL CLOSURE DAYS. The school is closed on national public holidays and on Sundays. The school year calendar is available on the website When enrolling, the student declares he/she has taken notice of it. 
3. RECEPTION AND ACCOMMODATION. On the school website you will find a list of all accommodation facilities having an arrangement with the school and offering a good price-quality ratio. By request of the student, the school will take care of booking the following services for free: a) transport from Catania or Palermo to the accommodation facility and/or vice-versa; b) transport from Ragusa railway station to the accommodation facility and/or vice-versa; c) accommodation in one of the facilities listed on the school website. # The services that have been booked by voucher, which is sent by the school to the student, are paid directly by the student to the service provider, according to delays and procedures defined by the latter. Supporting documents for the accommodation service will be issued by the provider. Even though the school selects the above-mentioned services and checks their quality, it cannot be held responsible for the student-provider relationship. Any complaint or suggestion concerning the accommodation or the transport services can be submitted using the form provided by the school. # In particular, the student buying transport or accommodation services undertakes to communicate in advance the date, time and place of arrival, means of transport and related identification number, and to immediately communicate any variation or delay in the schedule, using the phone number provided at the enrolment stage.  
4. SPARE TIME. Ibla!*italian-language-school organizes cultural extra-curricula activities, generally taking place in the afternoon during the week, or lasting the whole day on Saturdays. # The student wishing to take part in such activities and excursions has to book them within the deadline that will be communicated by the school staff. # The prices and payment procedures for such activities are communicated by the school to all students before booking. If the minimum number of participants (communicated at each booking) required for the activity or excursion is not met, the entire sum anticipated by the student will be refunded, and the activity/excursion cancelled.  
5. ENROLMENT and PAYMENTS. The enrolment (booking and deposit) must take place within 10 days before the start date of the course. # In order to complete the enrolment, the student will have to leave a deposit of EUR 150,00 that will not refunded in case of renunciation, independently of the reason. The deposit is considered an advance of the final sum. # Full settlement of the fee must be made within 10 days before the start date of the course. If the student, for justified reasons, could not settle the payment of the course fee and card before the start date, it is possible for him/her to settle the sum by cash at school on the first day of the course. If the student does not pay the entire sum for the course fee and card on the first day, he/she will not be able to attend classes and will lose all advantages related to the accommodation. # If the student books one or more weeks including closure days for public holidays (except for Saturdays and Sundays), a 10% discount for each closure day will be applied on the fee of the concerned week. # Payments can be made only by: a) bank transfer. Beneficiary: Innovazione srl, Piazza Duomo n° 3, 97100 Ragusa. Beneficiary’s bank details: Banca Popolare Agricola di Ragusa, Agenzia 5, Piazza Duomo n° 27, Ragusa Ibla. BIC code: POPRIT31005, IBAN international bank code: (country code) IT (cin eur code) 54 (cin code) J (abi code) 05036 (cab code) 17025 (account number) CC0051080210. -iban IT54J0503617025CC0051080210 – REASON FOR PAYMENT: deposit for course at ibla school (please also add the type of course you have chosen. E.g.: small, standard, etc…) b) cash at school. # The student will have to fax evidence of the deposit (in order to complete the enrolment) and of the full sum settlement to the following number: (+39) 09321856303. # Payments for extra-curricula activities will be made by cash directly to the school administrative office.  
6. COURSE SWITCH. It is not possible to switch from a group course to individual classes after the beginning of the course or without giving at least a two-week notice. Even in the latter case the school avails itself of the right to refuse the authorization to switch, if the request cannot be met for organization reasons.
7. RENUNCIATION AND REFUNDING. Once the booking has been completed and the deposit has been paid, the latter will not be refunded if the student renounces, independently of the reason of renunciation. # If the student books and pays one or more weeks, and then attends the course only for one week or a part of it, and for whatever reason decides to renounce, the whole week fee will have to be paid (only for the week the student has completely or partially attended). No fee will be charged for the following weeks. # If the student who has booked and paid one or more weeks is then compelled, for whatever reason, to renounce before the start of the course (provided that he/she communicates his/her renunciation within 10 days before the start date of the course) only the deposit will be withheld (EUR 150,00), while the remaining sum paid to Ibla!*Italianlanguage-school will be entirely refunded. If the student does not cancel the enrolment within the given deadline (10 days before the start date of the course), both the deposit and the first week fee will be withheld. # Students cannot make up for classes they have missed, individual lessons included, even if they inform Ibla!*italian-language-school in advance. # If the student requests a change in attendance days and type of course, the school avails itself of the right to withhold the deposit, or to consider the contract terminated.
8. REFUNDING OF THE ACCOMMODATION AFTER ARRIVAL. If the student requests a change of accommodation for reasons the school deems serious and well-grounded (politeness, lack of cleanliness or, more generally, quality of the service) the school will help the student to find a new and more suitable accommodation. # If, in case of early departure, the student did not fully use the booked service, only the part of the service that was actually used will have to be paid for.