Inspired by modern conception of didactic and glottology, Ibla! *Italian-Language-School bases its techique of teachings focusing on communication and developing four fundamental abilities: listening, reading and oral and written production.
An indeductive approach, starting from didactic material like newspaper articles, literature passages, advertisements, radio, cinema , tv fiction, leads the student to discover the structure and functioning of the language.
But more than theory and methodology, the approach and the relationship between student and teacher , both working in an amusing atmosphere is what makes Ibla! *Italian-Language-School

The amusement and pleasure is the philosophy of our didactic, avoiding bored students learning little and not productive teachers. Working team of students are guided through the study of the aspect of the grammatic and through communicative games to experience the language.

Classes are all conducted in to Italian language.
Our goalis to increase the basic knowledge of the student, but being aware that many outer and inner factors may contribute to the complete learning of a foreign language.